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I recently have started only giving limited registration on all puppies. For the average person this has no effect. The puppies are still AKC registered and still have 1 year health guaranty. If you would like to breed your dog you need to talk to me in person and we will discuss my stipulations. 

At this point we don't make people sign a contract we hope if you are paying this much for a puppy we hope you will be a responsible pet owner.  I do encourage everyone to get there pet spayed and neutered. I tell people if you are not a breeder they should be fixed. My retired dogs are fixed my adopted cats are fixed my little dog is fixed and I'am fixed lol. 

WE do give one year health guarantee against genetic defects. We do expect you to feed your puppy quality food and have regular vet exams and maintain their vaccines, wormings and flea control. WE will replace your puppy we do not give money returns and WE DO NOT PAY VET BILLS. We don't always have puppies available but we will always work with you and we always want you to be happy and tell your friends and family where you got your puppy. 



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