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I'am always asked what kind of dog food do I feed.  I feed High Point and Victor.  But not everyone can find this whare they are at.  One of my good friends Trudy (love her to death) feeds dog chow.  Her dogs are healthy and seem very happy with it.  It is a horrible dog food lol.  I tell everyone read your label.  Usually if you go to a local feed store and spend a little time reading the labels you will find something the dog likes, you can afford and is good for the dog.  Meat or meat meal (not by product) should be your first ingredients.  My dogs do really well on our feed and I feed my puppies Victor and they do very well on it.  I use to recommend Iam's  but they changed their formulas and you might as well buy dog chow or old roy.  I have never been a fan of the other big names the protein is not there and they charge a arm and a leg for crap food.  But everyone seems to find what they think is best and what there dog likes is what is most important. Diamond seems to be easily found through out the country and is affordable and good quality. 

When choosing a dog food for your puppy there is three things your looking for, 1) a large breed puppy formula, 2)1% or less of calcium and,3) 12% or less on fat.  In large breed dogs you can cause them to grow too fast which leads to some horrible issues, and the calcium and fat are two major contributors  to those issues.

If your dog is not growing, throwing up, or losing hair a lot of times it is food.  Talk to your vet or just change their food sometimes it's just a process of elimination. 
Always get your dog's shots.  We do shots at 4-6-8-12-16 weeks and then 6months and yearly after that. Rabies is usually 4-6months every vet is different. Also worm or have dog tested regulary for worms.  If they drop weight dramatically and quickly usually a hook worm.  NOT ALL WORMS ARE GOT WITH ONE MEDICINE! Thats why we rotate worming medicines on our pups. Fleas also cause worms.  I recommend Comfortis for fleas only.  It is amazing but expensive. It does not do ticks. 
I suggest having your dog spayed or neutered by 6-7months old.  It is easier on them and females will usually have their first cycle around 9 months which is usually very messey the first time.   
Last but not least.  When buying a puppy wether it is from me or some one else, if it sounds to good to be true, IT PROBABLY IS! Shipping for any dog can range from $300-500 so if they advertise $300 shipping included, Its to good to be true.  Always talk in person with the person who has the puppy you want.  If they dont talk on the phone it's probably a scam.  I have herd more then one horror story a person buys a puppy, The seller cant hear well so will only communicate by text or email and then they dont get their puppy. I personally get alot of response from relay callers (phone service for the death) which really makes me mad, but they try to scam me to. I dont take money order for this exact reason and those who do abuse the services for death people should be in jail!!!! Sorry just makes me really mad they get away with that. So make sure to protect yourself and any reputable seller will always welcome your call and always allow you to come to their home to see your puppy and the parents. Its like day care if they dont want you there something is not right.  Your always welcome to come see our home and dogs (just close your eyes to the mess). 



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